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Vital tools small- to mid-sized companies need to rapidly respond to virtually any hazard or threat.

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Report Potential Threats

 ✔ Anonymous Tip Line
 ✔ Two-Way Communication

Prepare Your Team

 ✔ Drill Management
 ✔ Safety Cards

Instant Response

 ✔ One Place to Warn Alerts
 ✔ Customizable Alarms
 ✔ Immediate Employee Notification
 ✔ Automatic Escalation
 ✔ Emergency Mass Notification

Crisis Recovery

 ✔ Personnel Check-In
 ✔ Mustering and Roll Call

Integration and Reports

 ✔ Web Portal with Dashboard
 ✔ Import CSV, LDAP, Active Directory

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CrisisGo Business

Everything mid-size or multi-location businesses need to improve the safety culture, and be able to manage incidents more effectively.

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CrisisGoSafe plus:

Prepare Your Team

 ✔ Digitalized Safety Plans

Instant Response

 ✔ CrisisGo Direct911

Incident Management

 ✔ Mobile Checklists
 ✔ Digital Maps
 ✔ Emergency Contacts
 ✔ Vital Documents






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CrisisGo Enterprise

Tools an enterprise organization needs to prepare for, respond to, and quickly recover from incidents and emergencies.

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CrisisGo Business plus:

Integration and Reports

 ✔ Auto-Sync with Database
 ✔ Cabinet-Level Report











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All CrisisGo implementations include CrisisGo's OpenAPI, geo-redundant platform, AWS scalability, and redundancy. CrisisGo is listed in the FirstNet App Catalog. The platform is supported on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Set-up includes multi-sites and organization hierarchy. All accounts receive the ability to connect with hardware and existing systems via AlertGateway Email.

All accounts receive 24/7 support and a dedicated Account Manager to ensure quality service.


Recommended Add-Ons


Threat Assessment Manager

In order to stop an emergency before it happens, you have to be able to effectively and efficiently detect and assess threats before providing the appropriate form of support. You can make the threat assessment process more collaborative, efficient, and secure at your workplace to reduce harassment, self-harm, and other risks to employees.

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CrisisGo Safety CheckIn

CrisisGo Safety CheckIn helps companies immediately assess risks and organize recovery while constantly monitoring safety threats and assisting staff during and post-incidents; including a pandemic, natural disaster, and other major disruptions.

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Facility Assessment Manager

Identify potential facility hazards or vulnerabilities that jeopardize employees and operations safety and security. Conduct collaborative thorough reviews of offices, business campuses, warehouses, and more. Identify and prioritize liabilities that put your business in jeopardy.

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CrisisGo TaskM

Provide your safety team with collaborative checklists and reports to ensure all your critical tasks, projects, and logistics-heavy assignments are completed in a timely manner. Managers and company leaders will have instant knowledge and visibility into what work has been completed and what still needs to be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does CrisisGo require a subscription?
    CrisisGo is offered as a subscription. It is most frequently purchased as a one-year or three-year subscription.
  • The prices say "Starting at…" - what does that mean exactly?
    Since every business and organization is different, our pricing must be flexible to ensure the right amount of coverage to improve the safety and security of your employees, facilities and operations. The pricing listed here should be used to estimate the annual fees an organization of certain sizes should expect when working with CrisisGo. The subscription price is affected by the term length of the agreement.
  • Why is the 'CrisisGo Business' package the most popular?
    CrisisGo Business package provides the most value for most organizations; however CrisisGo offers options and pricing flexibility to ensure organizations of any size and scope can improve the safety and security of your employees, facilities/offices and operations.