Safety iPass

A system for COVID-19 with optional self-certification and temperature
facility entry verification, and close contact listing. 



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CrisisGo Safety iPass

CrisisGo’s Safety iPass was born out of the COVID-19 Crowdsourcing Project started in early March. The goal of this project was to collect feedback and concerns from leaders across the United States and then combined that information with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), FEMA, state health agencies, and the latest state task force recommendations and guidelines to provide businesses with technology that can solve real problems of returning to the office in a COVID-19 environment.

Test Yourself


Tools for a Fast and Secure Entry Process

Daily Pre-Certification

Design and schedule daily pre-certification emails. Employees receive an email to complete the COVID-19 symptoms report and temperature check. Employees immediately receive the badge on the CrisisGo app (available on Android and iOS) or via email.

Entry Validation 

Employees will be validated as they enter the building. This validation can be completed by scanning the employee's CrisisGo app entry badge or other pre-determined employee ID badges. In the event that an employee does not have a badge, simply looking up the employee on a web browser will provide entry validation.

Data Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Easily monitor employee health statuses, focusing on employees that have reported COVID-19 positive tests. These reports are escalated to company health services to start the process of close contact listing of all employees exposed, so the notification process can begin quickly.

Works for Every Stakeholder


Speed up entry into the facility and reduce the time employees spend in lines to get their temperature checked at the office and answering questionnaires.

Vendors & Contractors

Gain staff confidence that all people entering the office have gone through pre-certification before going to the company office or manual certification at the company office. Reduces the time for vendor/contractor to enter the facility, and vendor/contractor has up-to-date visibility of vendor/contractor health risks in the company office.


Control access to the school for all visitors. Encourage all visitors to not attempt to come to the company facility when sick to reduce the risk of exposure to employees and contractor/vendor. Manage vendors and contractors with the same simple approach.

CrisisGo Safety iPass Process for Business

Have a Question About Safety iPass?

  • How much does Safety iPass cost?
    Safety iPass is $4 per user per year with no activation or training fees. Discounts available for existing CrisisGo customers and for large volume.
  • Does the system support multiple languages?
    Yes. The district can create their email, screening, and temperature check questions in different languages including: Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
  • Where is the badge scanner?
    The badge scanner can scan both QR codes and barcodes. The scanner is located in your CrisisGo app on your smartphone. From your home screen, press the “More” button (three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner). Scroll down to the tab that indicates “Badge Scanner,” and it will turn on your scanner. The scanner works best with the QR codes, but barcodes also work well.
  • Can the customer change the name of the status and color? Add status?
    Customers can customize iPass badges, including colors, subject, condition, add/delete badges, etc.

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