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Will you be calm in the heat of disaster?

That depends on how prepared you are. Using a Digital Safety Platform you'll face any crisis like a pro - guiding your team through the smoke and troubled waters while potentially saving lives and a small fortune.

Digital Safety & Crisis Response Platform - A Unified Safety Solution

Speed is critical for safety, but so is reliability. Our digital safety and incident management platform helps everyone stay safe at work, at home, in the community, and on-the-go. Safety is more than just emergencies, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced.

Our digital safety and incident management platform empowers your company's executives and managers to recognize, prepare, address, and review incidents at all levels. When your company rolls out CrisisGo, you'll be creating a safety network that serves your entire operation.



Be Prepared for "It Won't Happen Here"

See how CrisisGo prepares organizations to be ready to quickly respond to any crisis with the digital platform needed to streamline emergency alerting, communication, and coordination.

Organization-wide Alerts

Equip your business leaders and administrators with the ability to send organization-wide alerts for emergencies or to discreetly call for help for isolated incidents while maintaining a constant line of communication.

Real-time Safety Status

Account for your employees, clients, and customers in real-time and maintain the ability to check the safety status and assess who needs immediate assistance.

Safety Risk Alerting

Proactively inform your team of the safety risks and solutions your company may face, and make sure your organization can effectively practice and review your safety protocols.


Simplified Safety Management

Monitor all of the safety activity of your business through our online console. Our dashboard makes it easy to observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts, and you can easily compile all relevant communications and actions taken during specific incidents for post-incident review.


Collaborative Checklists & Reports

Provide your safety team like HR reps, Safety Officers, and CISOs with collaborative checklists and reports to ensure all your pandemic recovery tasks are completed in a timely manner and administrators have instant knowledge into what work has been completed and what still needs to be done.

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