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CrisisGo Safety CheckIn

With health and safety risks higher than ever before, you need a program that lets you check in with your employees before your team goes back to work.


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Assess Risks and Organize Recovery

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges maintaining staff safety during and following the current pandemic situation. CrisisGo Safety CheckIn is helping companies to immediately assess risks and organize recovery while constantly monitoring safety threats and assisting staff during and after incidents, including a pandemic, natural disaster, and other major disruptions. CrisisGo Safety CheckIn helps your organization gather important information for the safety and well-being of all your stakeholders.


CrisisGo Safety CheckIn

Incoming data can be used to inform leadership when offices and locations should be re-opened based on the spread or control of an illness in the area. It can be used after a natural disaster - like a tornado, earthquake, wildfire, or hurricane - to assist the impact to community and staff members and when it is appropriate to reopen.


Local, real-time data to make more informed decisions.




Frictionless: Import your contact list and launch your Safety CheckIn in minutes

Intelligent survey supporting decision tree and instant alerting

Automatic escalation to subject matter experts and instant communication with recipient on secured web chat

Safety audit trail and heatmap (dashboard)

Quickly determine which employee requires assistance


Use Cases

Remote Workers

Deliver work-at-home directives, assistance, and updated information. Manage logistics of distributing required equipment, technology, and more.

Essential Worker Status

Coordinate necessary frontline workers, check availability status, and ensure coverage for essential parts of your business.

Resource Survey

Quickly assess quantity, distribution, and availability of staff, fleet and vehicles, medical supplies, protective equipment, and more.


Quickly assess workforce morale and well-being with regular or ad-hoc surveys. Collect suggestions for workplace culture enhancements for continuous improvement.

Questions and Concerns

Enable Human Resources and Management to respond to incoming calls regarding health-related or worker safety concerns.


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