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Medium-Sized Businesses

Connecting Your Team Through a Crisis Just Got Easier


All-In-One Solution

Your team, clients, and customers are relying on safe environments and processes to navigate through any crisis that may occur. CrisisGo has created a platform that can assist every facet of safety for your company based upon your safety plan. Whether it's preventing risk through safety awareness and audit reports, responding to an incident through sophisticated alerting, or improving your procedures through comprehensive post-incident review, CrisisGo has you covered on all bases.

CrisisGo allows authorized personnel to send organization-based alerts to broadcast emergencies to pre-defined group(s). Alerts can be set off with an audible tone or silently to ensure everyone in harm's way gets advance notice - allowing your team to easily communicate with your safety staff when an alert is sent.


Stop emergencies before they can occur with a system for reporting risks and managing facility audits.


Give everyone immediate access to your emergency plans and the ability to practice and test your protocols.


Notify everyone in harm's way of an emergency with the ability to escalate the situation to first responders if needed.


Access digital safety resources like maps and checklists all while getting the right information to the right people.


Maintain a clear line of communication with all your stakeholders and provide safety resources to navigate an emergency.


Connect all your existing and future safety systems to preserve safety investments and ensure seamless crisis response.


Safety Alerting

Rapid and reliable is what you need when it comes to safety awareness and company-wide alerting. You can provide all your employees with a streamlined approach to safety response with CrisisGo.


Connect with First Responders

You need a flexible system that allows you to pick which alerts are automatically escalated to emergency responders with advanced location information transmitted to your local 911 center.


Connect with a Multitude of Devices

CrisisGo's platforms were designed to integrate with a multitude of technology and devices like your operational systems while preserving existing connections and, most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response.


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